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Surveillance & Investigation

Guardforce Security Ltd has assembled the support of highly trained operatives with a wealth of experience within the surveillance and investigative arena. We are dedicated to offering a personal and timely service with proven tactical methods that will ensure satisfactory outcomes to our deployments and activities.

We are intelligence driven. Our initial operational plans establish the provenance of the information before undertaking any activity. These tactical options are essential to our success and ensure that we provide value for money and streamline expenditures. We will provide interim reports throughout our investigations and deploy covert video equipment to corroborate our findings. These images will be supplied to our clients with a DVD (in line with ECHR) that will also support the closing reports of our deployments.

We have the skills, experiences and technical capability to undertake a wide spectrum of deployments pertaining to all methods of surveillance and investigative fields. Our clients include private individuals, the legal profession, insurance companies, financial institutions, corporate bodies and governments. The lists of activities that we can undertake are not exhaustive but include some of the following.

  • Company and individual thefts.
  • Counter surveillance
  • Overt surveillance
  • Tracing/ monitoring
  • Personal Injury Insurance Claims
  • Human Resources Issues (long term sick)
  • Due Diligence / Risk Assessments
  • Intellectual Property Fraud
  • Matrimonial and Domestic investigations.
  • Child Custody
  • Concerns surrounding drug abuse
  • White collar crime

If in any subsequent prosecution, either Civil and/or Criminal proceedings, our clients can request our presence to produce evidence. To support the claim, we are prepared to deliver our operational findings. If within criminal proceedings we have a successful outcome as to the offender(s), we will seek the support of law enforcement agencies to undertake 'proceeds of crime' applications to seize assets that are believed to have been obtained criminally. This may lead to some financial recompense and benefit for those clients we represent.

We pride ourselves in establishing long-term relationships with our clients ensuring confidentiality, loyalty and professionalism. Our methodologies are discreet, effective and most importantly conducted legally with the utmost of integrity. We fully acknowledge that it is imperative to respect our clients identity and that we will not share individual and/or case information with any other organisation unless with the written consent of our client.

Our management team has the personnel, experiences and skills to deliver the high quality service our clients expect. We will provide the professionalism and high standards that are synonymous with Guardforce Security.


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