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Protection with Intelligence

Guardforce Security Limited is a Limited company registered in England and Wales. Registration number 4604163.

The company provides a committed independent service that employs a professional structured approach in delivering effective, positive results. We offer a timely service that is supported by an intelligence led method to provide the professionalism and high standards of delivery our clients expect. Our internal processes, preoperational plans and consequent activity will offer value for money and  provide the necessary protection and deterrent to afford our customers the confidence and satisfaction they seek.

Our personal and sustainable service continuously reviews each contract. Through our capabilities to be flexible we tailor our response accordingly to suit the specific requirements of the clients. We have the skills and abilities to undertake a wide spectrum of services that include major crowd management operations, covert deployments and investigations, static placements, personal protection and property security.

Guardforce Security Ltd was established in order to reflect the needs of the private and commercial sectors with the aim to 'make a difference.' We are dedicated to assisting other companies and organisations in identifying solutions to improve the services within the security industry. Our comprehensive high quality management service encompasses the customer's requirements with honesty, transparency, clear communication and closing reports.

On completion of our evaluations, the depth and breadth of our experiences will offer our clients options and recommendations. These solutions may provide opportunities to implement new security techniques and designs that offer greater benefits and security measures.

We believe the key to having confidence in your security is driven by the management of controlling and reducing risk. Sadly, we are all too familiar with the emerging threats of terrorism and organised criminal networks which have recently had a significant detrimental effect within both social and commercial environments. The protection of your assets and personnel are of paramount importance in our assessments and delivery of service.

Our visions and objectives aim to minimise these risks by offering a service that will review your current structures and policies. We will complete a detailed account of our findings, offering contingency plans, recommendations for improvement and a continuous 'dip sampling' service that test your ongoing security methods.

Our management team has a depth of experience within the security industry and has gathered the support of highly trained operatives that are extremely competent in delivering the professional service that both we and our clients deserve and expect.